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The best-kept secret of the coromandel

Deluxe Guided Tour

  • Visit Whenuakura Island
  • Explore Hauturu Island
  • Kawakawa tea
  • 2 hours / 1 hour (express)
  • Safety talk
  • Guide help
  • Requirements Not Scared of water
    No major health issues
  • Adults NZD 105
  • Family of 4 NZD 280
  • Kids NZD 60
  • Group of 4 NZD 340
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Whenuakura Island, or Donut Island to the locals, is beginning to assume iconic status alongside other regional attractions in the Coromandel. A short paddle-board or kayak to Donut Island will be rewarded with scenes that inspire the magination. The stunning Whenuakura Island, is one of a group of island off the coast of Whangamata which have wildlife sanctuary status. As Guardians of the islands our tours encourage you to treat the islands with respect to preserve their future.

All tours are condition dependent, and will one take place under safe conditions. We thank you in advance for understanding.

Whangamata is home to the beautiful Whenuakura Island (also known as Donut Island). Because of the island’s geography, access is limited due to swell and wind conditions, and only kayaks or paddleboards can squeeze through the narrow entrance. The island is a wildlife sanctuary and opens up into a beautiful lagoon which is rather out of this world.

Join one of our experienced team on an adventure that takes us around the Wild Life Sanctuary of Whangamata Islands into a secluded turquoise lagoon surrounded by native fauna and volcanic cliff rock.

A castaway or pirate would feel at home in the secluded serenity of Whenuakura Island.