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Manaakitanga loosely translates to ‘hospitality’ in Maori. It is central to Maori society and inspired the expressive way that travellers are made to feel welcome. The term refers to reciprocal hospitality and respect between different people, groups and cultures. All participants are our guests and we treat each and every one with respect and a friendly welcome
At Surfsup we really value the Manaakitanga values. Greeting and welcoming our visitors is a key part of the success of our company, therefore we strive to embrace it within our company culture.

Social Responsibility

Adventure travel has the potential to positively transform people, environments and economies, sparking economic growth across multiple sectors in destinations that are still economically and socially developing.
SurfSup builds and uses local capacity, creating employment and encouraging interest in commerce, education, and environment. The success of the Company is dependent on local talent and knowledge. We are committed to give locals opportunities to get training develop their personal paths.
The company is also committed to engage with local Maori individuals to learn and spread their culture and values.

Gateaway programme

This year we have engage with the local school to offer work placement opportunities within our company to the local youth. We hope to open a new pathway for the area students so they can see the sustainable tourism carer as possible way of life.

Social contributions

SurfSup Whangamata has been supporting local events and groups over the years always willing cooperate towards our community wellbeing.
  • Tunaitu Kaitiaki Ropu: Local group working towards the preservation of Whangamata Islands including Whenuakura Island
  • Pick it up now: environmental group focusing on beach clean ups and environmental causes
  • Thames Coast Kiwi Care: helping to protect Kiwis
  • Whangamata Boardriders: active in the committee working towards kids development and surfing