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Where is Whenuakura Island?

Whenuakura Island is locate just one Kilometer off the Coat of Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula. The island is part of the Whangamata Wild Life Sanctuary due go the presence on Tuataras few year ago.

How long does it take to paddle out the island?

The paddle will vary according to conditions. During calm light wind days, it takes approximately 30 minutes. On days with westerly winds this time can be less and more when we have winds from the east.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

If conditions are not suitable to paddle out to the islands at your booking time, we will:
1. Suggest you another time.
2. Suggest you another day.
3. Offer you an alternative activity or location.
4. Offer you a voucher to be used at another date.

If none of these options are suitable we will offer you a full refund.

Is it better going out during high or low tide?

We always recommend around the high tide mark, 2 hours before or after. It is a great time of the day as the lagoon is more spacious and  all rocks inside the lagoon are covered by water.
During the low tide there is limited space inside as the rocks get really exposed.

What are the best conditions to go out?

Days with under 12 knots winds under 2 ft waves are the best. We strongly recommend customers to call us beforehand as all tours are weather dependant.

Are the kayaks doubles or singles?

Most kayaks are doubles, as we believe they are the safest option. Singles are also available for uneven number or special request.

Is there a weight limit?

Our kayaks have a limit of 110kgs per person. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Where is the meeting point?

All trips to Whenuakura Island leave from Island view road by beach access 14. Right in front of the islands.
If you have a booking, please go straight to Island View Road where our staff is based with all gear.

Is it suitable for beginners? Do I need to know how to swim? What about my child?

The trips are suitable for beginners during the calm days. During windy days we recommend customers to have basic experience kayaking.
For non swimmers and first timers we really recommend a guided experience.
Only kids 4 years old and older, comfortable in the water, are allowed join any of the sea kayaking tours. If you have no kayak experience we strongly recommend you to join our Wildlife River to Sea excursion to get some experience before paddling out on the ocean.

Can I land on the Island? what about swimming?

Landing is not allowed in any circumstances. Due to the Wild Life Sanctuary status visitors are to stay in the water, ideally on the kayaks. Swimming is allowed swimming is allowed as long is safe and you don`t need to land.

Can I take a packed lunch with me to enjoy it on the islands?

Biosecurity a major part of our job.
The islands are current pest free, a status that took a lot of effort and resources to be achieved. Bringing food over to any of the islands jeopardizes all teh work that has been done.

What is the difference between the Express Guided and the Deluxe Guided Experience?

The Deluxe Guided Tour is a 2 hrs full experience of the Whangamata Wild Life Sanctuary when visitors learn the basics of kayaks and more importantly, historical facts and future plans for the islands. Our guides will cover spots that you might missed if you were on your own, stopping at Hauturu Island for an authentic Kawakawa tea while enjoying the view.

It includes:

  • Visit Whenuakura Island
  • Explore Hauturu Island
  • Kawakawa tea
  • 2 hours
  • Safety talk
  • Guide help

The Express Guided option is a shorter 1 hour version of the Deluxe Guided Tour where guides will ensure your safety by teaching the basics of kayaking for a safe experience. The route includes a visit to Whenuakura Island and back being ideal for visitors with less time available for teh experience.

It includes:

  • Visit Whenuakura Island
  • 1 hour
  • Safety talk
  • Guide help

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